From a baby’s cry to the sound of a thunderstorm, our ears are miraculously designed to hear everything. Each day, we become so accustomed to hearing a variety of sounds that we don’t even realize it.

The powerful sound of thunder will occasionally catch you off guard. You may have teenagers who listen to music too loudly. You might work in an office or a factory where there are a lot of loud noises. We may become so comfortable with hearing these sounds that we are unaware that they are potentially damaging our hearing.

Let’s take a look at five sounds that could injure your ear drums.

Heavy machinery—Do you work in a manufacturing where large machines are constantly running? Make sure you have earplugs on.

Loud music—Teenagers often play music excessively loudly. The majority of us attend concerts or even church services when the sound is too loud. Anything louder than 100 decibels can cause hearing damage.

Lawn equipment—Trimmers, edgers, and mowers all emit a distinct loud noise that can cause hearing damage over time.

Sporting events—At a large football game, the crowd noise can reach a roaring pitch and stay there for the duration of the game.

Hunting or target shooting—Guns can produce a lot of noise. Make sure you’re wearing a good pair of earplugs.

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