If you’ve only recently heard of it, the Paleo Diet is perhaps the trendiest new diet to come along in a while. It also has some of the most passionate adherents, who have adopted the diet not just for their food, but several ways they’ve decided to live their lives. The basic idea behind the Paleo Diet is that evolution designed human beings to eat a certain diet and we’ve strayed from it thanks to the agricultural revolution. So instead of eating meat, vegetables, fruits and legumes, we’re relying far more on grains, wheat, oats, etc. Of course, there are other modern additions to our diet like high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar that Paleo Diet adherents take issue with consuming.

Many dieticians and paleontologists have taken issue with the Paleo Diet, but there’s a reason it has such a committed base of adherents. People all around the world have reported impressive weight loss achievements just from cutting out the most modern versions of their diet. While everyone knows refined sugar is bad for them, most are unaware that bread can be just as bad. That’s because, like sugar, our body uses it for energy. However, if you don’t use that energy, it’s going to get stored as fat. From there, you’ll have a much harder time burning it, especially when you are constantly taking in more energy (calories) than you need every single day. While versions differ between dieter, the Paleo Diet, overall has come with some pretty impressive results so far.

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