In an effort to lose weight, many people go on very low-calorie diets that promise rapid weight loss. However, a very low-calorie diet can be dangerous for your health especially if it’s not monitored by a professional health care provider. Here’s a look at the dangers of a very low-calorie diet.

According to the Weight-control Information Network (WIN), a very low-calorie diet of up to 800 calories per day in the form of bars or liquid shakes can cause unwanted side effects. Common side effects associated with a very low-calorie diet include “fatigue, constipation, nausea, or diarrhea.” These side effects are usually reported 4 to 16 weeks after the start of the diet, according to WIN.

There are some serious side effects also associated with a very low-calorie diet, including gallstones. WIN reports that gallstones “may be even more commonly developed during rapid weight loss.”

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