Summary: Avoid the “yo-yo” effect with these dieting tips. The crash diet is very bad for your body. They don’t offer a balanced nutrition plan for your body, and they tend to restrict your calorie intake in ways that can impede your energy levels. The effects aren’t great either: decreased metabolism and a reduction of foods that provide energy to the body. Fast weight loss isn’t going to improve your lifestyle either, it fills a void that is psychologically satisfying. Almost like junk food for the brain, and when that feel is over (most people identify it as hitting their target weight) the yo-yo effect sets in. If you want to avoid going back to your old weight, try rethinking your lifestyle with these tips as a guide. Plan Your Diet Planning your diet has two big benefits: you get healthy recipes for weight loss and you can prep your food quickly. It’s a good idea to have some idea of what you’ll be eating a few days in advance, especially if you want to lose weight. This helps cut down on the snacking outside of your weight-loss regiment, which is the fastest way to kill a great diet plan. It’s not hard to find easy healthy recipes, and you can prep many of them ahead of time with the right equipment. Salad dressing is a great example. You can work healthier dressing into your diet easily if you blend the ingredients before your next meals. In a larger container, you can store more and make it last longer. Vary Your Foods Vitamix smoothie recipes are a great way to detox and put some much-needed nutrients back into your system. If left to our own devices, we tend to seek out food that tastes good but isn’t always healthy. Varying our foods and pursuing other options that are tasty, and still healthy, will help most of us stay on our diet plans. Bio: Blender Babes is the Web’s source for green smoothie recipes that are healthy and delicious. Learn how to make ice cream, salad dressing, soup and more at Blender Babes.