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One of the biggest disruptors of sleep is snacking on the wrong food at night. Generally eating is not recommended two hours before your bed time. Unfortunately, those two hours are ample time for hunger to set in. It does not help when some of the other habits post dinner, such as watching TV, promotes snacking. This is definitely a potential issue. Minimize this by snacking on one these five post dinner snacks:

  1. Maximum 200 Calorie Snack.
    Although this is not a snack in itself, if you choose to eat something not on this list, you should try and keep the calorie count to fewer than 200. This prevents you from experiencing energy spikes that can be very disruptive to your sleeping cycles.
  2. Half a cup of Geek Yoghurt, a cup of Blueberries and half a Banana.
    This is a great combination and contains elements which release serotonin and melatonin along with other agents in to your body which help sleep.
  3. Sliced Green Apples with Natural Almond Butter.
    Another great combination which does not contain anything that can cause sleep issues.
  4. A Banana
    Even a single banana will help you sleep. The magnesium and potassium will relax your muscles and aid in good sleep.
  5. A Bow of Oatmeal, Banana and low fat Peanut Butter or Sliced Carrots
    These are other snack combinations that can work.

Experiment with replacing your current after dinner snacks with one of these five. Find the one that works for you, sleep is important and this could make all the difference.