Bloating and constipation are caused by poor diet, eating excessive amounts of dairy products, lactose intolerance, and irritable bowel syndrome. Food containing fats and dairy take more time to breakdown and could also lead to bloating. When faced with bloating, it is also common to experience the buildup of gas in the stomach making you more uncomfortable. Coleanse Diet, a readily available supplement that is formulated to keep your digestive system running smooth and to avoid bloating and constipation.

Coleanse Diet contains inner parts of Cape Aloe, a soothing gel like substance. Natives of the West African region have been using the substance in many ways for colon cleansing for many centuries. Combined with other ingredients Coleanse Diet gets rid of toxins from your colon and improves its functions. Colon cleansing removes partially digested food matter that are accumulated on colon walls and help you to shed few pounds off your weight. Some reports indicate that colon cleansing may result in losing up to ten pounds. Useful information about this product can be found at Coleanse Diet. Abdominal pain and swelling associated with bloating also could be relieved by the use of Coleanse Diet.