According to the Mayo Clinic, the swollen veins around the anus under pressure causes hemorrhoids and the pressure could come from many sources including straining during bowl movement, sitting long periods, chronic diarrhea or constipation, obesity, and pregnancy. As you get older hemorrhoids becomes more common due to weak tissue around the rectum and anus. Many use the word “piles” as a synonym for hemorrhoids. Getting rid of occasional constipation and regulating bowel movement could lead to relief from one source of hemorrhoids. This is where Coleanse Diet can help you.

Among other ingredients, Coleanse Diet contains dried form of gel like substance contained in Cape Aloe and Bentonite Clay. The Cape Aloe has been linked to soften stools and sooth inner walls of your colon. By regulating your bowl movement you can avoid getting hemorrhoids and maintain a regular bowl movement. Visit or watch a video at for additional information and benefits of Coleanse Diet. Bentonite Clay has been used for many centuries to cleanse the colon without harmful impacts. Along with other ingredients, Coleanse Diet helps to maintain and regulate bowl movement and avoid hemorrhoids. Pregnant women should seek advice from a medical professional before using any supplements.